Building Democracy for peace, Development and human rights in Africa

About ADF

African Democracy Forum (ADF) is a regional network of civil society organizations and individuals upholding the rule of law and promoting good governance through the twin principles of transparency and accountability in the African continent. Share This:

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Our Vision

VISION: An independent, sustainable and strategic regional network that advances values and practices of democracy in Africa.   Share This:

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Our Mission

MISSION: To strengthen democracy and human rights movements in Africa. Share This:

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Our objectives

To build ADF’s capacity to become an independent, sustainable and strategic regional network To advocate for democracy and the rule of law with African inter-governmental organisations. To create a strong platform for exchanging of ideas and networking. Share This:

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Upcoming Events: Online engagement around the issue of right to access resources. October 12, 2016. 10:30 AM UTC - 11:30 AM UTC
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Current Initiatives

African Democracy Forum, as a regional network is engaged if various initiatives among which, there is the access to resources initiative, advocacy and dialogue.

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Civil society organizations (CSOs) can be defined to include all non-market and non-state organizations outside of the family in which people organize themselves to pursue shared interests in the public domain. Examples include community-based organizations and village associations, environmental groups, women’s rights groups, farmers’ associations, faith-based organizations, labor unions, co-operatives,…

The African Democracy Forum (ADF) undertakes to achieve its mission of strengthening democracy and human rights movements in Africa through analysis and evaluation of the developments taking place within the content in conjunction with our members and other stakeholders. The analysis mainly focuses on: • elections and party democracy; •…

The African Democracy Forum (ADF) endeavors to secure the space of civil society to operate freely and fulfill their mandate in their respective countries. Being a membership organization, we have a continuous engagement process with our members to ensure accurate and efficient transfer of knowledge and information. This engagement also…