Online engagement around the issue of right to access resources.

Online engagement around the issue of right to access resources.

Civil society organizations (CSOs) make a difference inhave a significant role to play in international development. They provide development services, and humanitarian relief, are innovativee in service delivery, build local capacity and advocate with and for the poorthe rights and freedoms of all citizens. Acting alone, however, their impact is limited in scope, scale and sustainability. For CSOs and other actors/ governmentspublic/private sector partners to succeed in their mission, freedom of association and access to resources are very important keys components in the process.

International laws acknowledge the important of resources. Many of the national level policies also recognizes the importance of access to resources and some have made an extra-step of including in their constitutions and policies that they will assume the duties of providing conducive environment for CSOs, social activists and other forms of associations and individuals working directly for the country’s development. However, restrictions on the ability to access resources often target foreign funding; such restrictions may include outright prohibitions to access funding, requiring CSOs to obtain government approvals prior to receiving funding, requiring transfer of funds to a centralized government funds, banning or restricting foreign funding; even if international laws don’t make any distinction between funding and resources whether domestic or foreign.

This is translated sometimes to penalize non registered associations to access resources. International laws  Internationally such as Aarticle 13 of the Declaration on Human Rights also acknowledge the importance of access to resources. defenders It makes it clear that the rights of individuals and/or associations there must be rights to access resources should be respected in order to have an efficient and functioning civil society. as individuals and or associations. Although this is not a binding instrument on top of country’s regulations. .  Members of the Africa democracy Forum will be engaged in a series of online engagements to disseminate, analyse and share experiences on the rights to access resources.

Seeking to build a shared understanding on the concept  of the right to receive donor assistance among civil society groups  and friendly governments and develop a common language that could be used to improve advocacy efforts to protect 2016 aimed at protecting the right to access resources.  Members of the Africa democracy Forum will be engaged in series of online engagements to disseminate, analyse and share experiences on the rights to access resources.


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