African Democracy Forum (ADF) is a regional network launched in Abuja, Nigeria in October 2000. It comprises civil society organisations, media institutions, community based organisations, academic institutions and donor entities that work on democracy, democratic research, protection of human rights, upholding the rule of law and promoting good governance through the twin principles of transparency and accountability in the African continent. ADF also acts as a platform for mutual support and sharing of resources for over 450 organisations and individuals.

ADF was designed to strengthen democracy movements in Africa by benefitting from the wealth of experiences, expertise and knowledge among its members. For the last two decades, it has been a platform to organize and coordinate regional issues around democracy movements, activism and practitioners; providing a platform to share ideas, experiences from the vast spread of continent-wide democratic evolutions and the intricacies of African governance dynamics as they unfold. The Forum has provided a unique, all-embracing continental platform on a wide spectrum of governance issues.


An independent, sustainable and strategic regional network that advances values and practices of democracy in Africa.


To strengthen democracy and human rights movements in Africa.


  1. To build ADF’s capacity to become an independent, sustainable and strategic regional network
  2. To advocate for democracy and the rule of law with African inter-governmental organisations.
  3. To create, strengthen a platform for exchanges of ideas and networking.

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