Engaging Civil Society

The African Democracy Forum (ADF) endeavors to secure the space of civil society to operate freely and fulfill their mandate in their respective countries. Being a membership organization, we have a continuous engagement process with our members to ensure accurate and efficient transfer of knowledge and information. This engagement also informs the ADF’s decision- making process and the implementation of the ADF programmes.
The ADF also helps build regional solidarity around the issue of civil society space in conjunction with other actors such as the African Governance Architecture (AGA) structures at the African Union. ADF therefore structures working partnerships to learn and utilize evidentiary base established by reputable organisations such as Mo Ibrahim Foundation (Governance Index), Afro barometer surveys to sharpen advocacy interventions. This involves supporting ADF members with tools and expertise on issues regarding democracy and human rights in Africa including advocacy techniques, participation in policy making/reforms and legal advice among others.
The ADF also organizes assemblies bringing together ADF members to assess the progress of ADF activities which include multiple workshops to develop practical strategies to overcome country-specific challenges.

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