What we do


The African Democracy Forum (ADF) has 3 key objectives:
1. To build ADF’s capacity to become an independent, sustainable and strategic regional network.
2. To advocate for democracy and the rule of law with African inter-governmental organisations.
3. To create and strengthen a platform for exchanges of ideas and networking.
It endeavours to achieve its objectives under thematic areas of focus which are intended to guide programming and priorities as there are viewed as the most pressing issues facing democracy activists and civil society in the African continent. The interventions in these themes are conducted through ADF members with the ADF coordinator providing technical leadership.
Thematic Areas of Focus
• Election and constitutionalism: this theme is consistent with the adoption of the Charter on Elections, Democracy and Governance. It includes interventions under objective 2 focusing on African institutions, under the entire gamut of the African Governance Architecture which includes the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council, African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, among others. Activities under this theme include; sending electoral observers to countries facing elections, providing leadership on areas of reform on electoral laws and practices that undermine democratic practices, solidarity messages and engagement with the AU.
• Civil Society Space: ADF creates opportunities for democracy and human rights civil society organisations to devise and evolve approaches to holding the line in countries where space for civil society is at risk or under threat. Through advocacy and information sharing, ADF endeavours to equip members of civil society organisations with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to achieve their objectives in their respective countries.
• Human rights promotion: Working through and supporting its members to popularize human rights claims; ADF focuses on how to multiple the voice of human rights defending and promotion at a regional level. This entails escalating human rights issues faced in member countries through the linkages from domestic groups and other networks/forums on the continent.


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