Thematic areas of focus

Thematic areas of focus

Democracy, Good Governance and Elections

Modern Africa, needs to be engaged in the implementation of democratic practices. As such democracy that is marked by the holding of periodic, genuine, free and fair elections and the practice of good governance by leaders when in power is of utmost importance. CSOs need to continually advocate for upholding democratic principles and values to entrench democracy on the continent.

Part of good governance is placing emphasis on the importance of Africa ridding itself of corruption as such anti-corruption campaigning is part and parcel of the initiatives that the African Democracy Forum needs to advocate. For the African Democracy Forum, it is important that the people are made aware of how their tax is spent and that government officials are held accountable for their actions especially where it concerns the using of state funds.


Peace building and Conflict Prevention

No African country is without its history of violence, as such Civil Society Organizations are obligated to keep a watchful eye as is governments to ensure that differences of opinions do not spiral into outright warfare between groups that have perceived differences. For this reason peace building is an important component of reconciliation in Africa and as central to the role of an organization such as the ADF.

In addressing these issues of fear regarding violent extremism that has been prevalent in certain parts of the continent peace building is an important tool in that it “addresses the root causes of violent conflict and support[s] indigenous capacities for peace management and conflict resolution”


Human Rights and Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights as an innate right open to all that are human governs the means by which people interact with each other it is the base for mutual respect and understanding despite differences in race, ethnic groups, sexual orientation to name but a few. The United Nations in order to protect human rights have implemented a series of instruments aimed at ensuring that human rights are protected globally. It is these instruments that dictate the practices of the African Democracy Forum and we hold governments and leaders in Africa accountable to the treaties and statutes which they have signed on behalf of the people committing themselves to uphold the rights of all people. 


As the African Democracy Forum we advocate for the rights of African women and children as marginalized groups that are in need of assistance that would enable them to play a more prominent role in society. Moreover we advocate the rights of all people contrary to race, color or creed that they are entitled to employment, housing and an education. We also promote the rights of everyone to live in a world free from torture and discrimination of any sort. That will enable people to live their best life and contribute to society making Africa a continent that is tolerant of all people no matter their background.


Youth and Women Participation

More than half of Africa’s population fall in the category of youth that is over 200 million people, as such the obligation on African governments and Civil Society Organizations to support and promote the interests of African young people is vital to the sustainability of the continent. 

Economic conditions in some African countries mean that unemployment and a lack of education are aspects of daily life for the youth. Taking care of our youth contributes to the phasing out of organizations that condone violent extremism and as such is of great importance to the African Democracy Forum. 

That women play a vital role in society cannot be disputed. Referring to the thematic area relating to Human Rights women should be included in decision-making roles and included in all discussions that pertain to them and affect their lives so that they can make a tangible contribution to these matters.